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About us

We are specialized in Marketing Management, Web Marketing and New Media, and, since 2013, we work as outsourced marketing department for hundreds of companies.

All marketing and communication specializations are combined into one company, in order to offer a thorough, coordinated, efficient and effective service.

With the opening of our branches in USA (Denver) and Thailand (Bangkok) (VM USA and VM THAI), we have created our international footprint, and with the next openings (2017/2018) in England, Spain, United Arab Emirates and India, our aim is to become the reference marketing and communication agency for all international businesses.

Bassel Bakdounes
Bassel Bakdounes

"We are looking for a different approach compared to traditional business models: we pursue a modus operandi which is part of our every-day existence.

The dream of creating something unique. Of making a difference. Of bringing the communication world to a whole new level, through passion and perseverance as stepping stones of our business approach, and the cultural melting pot as springboard for innovation and differentiation."

An innovative business model

A central organization coordinates different areas and contexts: style and design, strategic consultancy, creativity, specialized publishing, web, training, events and launch of new projects.

We participate through an all-round approach, by suggesting the best marketing and communication solution, and competently responding to all our customers’ requests and needs.


Velvet Media is partner of Solo Cloud, Social login for Wi-Fi networks
Solo Cloud

Social login for Wi-Fi networks

Velvet Media is partner of My Nano Byte, A.I. and chatbot development
My Nano Byte

A.I. and chatbot development

Velvet Media is partner of Easy Promo, Promotional press and materials
Easy Promo

Promotional press and materials

Velvet Media is partner of Denver University, University
Denver University


Velvet Media is partner of IUSVE, University


Velvet Media is partner of Arab Fashion Awards, Culture and Entertainment
Arab Fashion Awards

Culture and Entertainment

Velvet Media is partner of Italian Film Festival, Culture and Entertainment
Italian Film Festival

Culture and Entertainment

Velvet Media is partner of TMT Italia, Innovative distribution solutions
TMT Italia

Innovative distribution solutions

Velvet Media is partner of Full contact, 360-Degree Customer Insights
Full contact

360-Degree Customer Insights

Velvet Media is partner of Johnson's Publishing,
Johnson's Publishing

Velvet Media is partner of Michael Brown, Broadcasting & media production company
Michael Brown

Broadcasting & media production company

Velvet Media is partner of Mission Moldova, Mission at the service of Moldova
Mission Moldova

Mission at the service of Moldova

Some data

Turn Over

Thanks to its valuable partnerships, Velvet increased its average turnover by 200% in the last 2 years.

Direct Turnover

In the first five months of 2017, it exceeded the turnover of the previous year, confirming a growth trend of over 300% in the last twelve months.


The continuous growth translates into an increasingly specialized and numerous staff; we expect to reach 150 employees by the end of 2018.

What they say about us

Corriere della Sera

“Velvet Media teaches Facebook to Americans. Among the first Italian companies that provide innovative lead generation techniques, Velvet Media manages hundreds of pages of Italian customers on social networks, and the related increased projections confirm its winning style.”

Nord Est Economia, Il Mattino di Padova, Il Piccolo di Trieste

“Three hundred entrepreneurs in business school at Web Forum, the videomarketing and lead generation summit held by Velvet Media.”


“To reap these benefits, learning the language as an expat is critical, said Daniele Gatti, CEO of Velvet Media and long-time Japan resident.”


“The hundred staffers at marketing firm Velvet Media can periodically spend a month working at any of its offices -- Denver, Tokyo, Bangkok or Venice, Italy -- with the company paying their expenses, co-CEO Daniele Gatti says.”