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Giving a cost estimate on Facebook? A great strategy to obtain quality contacts and increase customer loyalty.

Facebook today is not just a magical place where you can showcase all your novelties: it is an environment where you can attain quality contacts...

Transform summer actions in transactions with the power of influencer marketing

Parties, trips, dinners with friends, days on the beach, adventures to remember and colorful sunsets: <strong>summer is an open invitation to posting on social media.

Instagram Stories in five, simple steps

Instagram Stories in five, simple steps: a mini-guide to boost your business

On the field and on social media, Ronaldo's superstar effect is unparalleled

Let's analyze the Cristiano Ronaldo effect on Social Media and the Juventus club numbers.

The winner is

Whatsapp challenges Snapchat with video shots. But it quickly absorbs the opinion of users. Learn to replicate

Sanremo gets off the Ariston stage and falls into the Web

Sanremo also leaves vintage and traditional air behind, renewing himself and landing overbearing on the web.

What is the face of a modern entrepreneur?

The entrepreneur's figure changes cyclically with time. Now he must be able to navigate in the sea of digital.

Wind and waves are always in favor of the braver sailors

One year has passed and a new one has begun. Velvet Media finds and, together, looks at the future.

Facebook: the best answer to your social media marketing?

Social media marketing is becoming more and more synonymous with Facebook marketing. Don't you think?