2019 marketing trends that businesses need to know about

2019 marketing trends that businesses need to know about

Another year is almost over. To start the new one off with the right foot, it’s important to be in the know of the main marketing novelties.

What should companies invest on in 2019?

#1 Artificial intelligence applied to marketing

In 2019, artificial intelligence will bring customization to the next level. Marketers will be able to launch products and services that can be improved constantly thanks to feedbacks and reviews, thus satisfying customer needs even better.

Artificial Intelligence also allows to improve the implementation and management of digital marketing strategies by using programmatic advertising, marketing automation and customer care.

#2 Vocal search is on the rise

According to the latest data, 30% of web surfing within 2020 will be based on voice search. Indeed, users find it safer, easier and more efficient compared to “traditional” typing. This is a great reason to start investing on voice search solutions that allow to fulfill customer needs and requests quickly.

#3 More visibility with vertical videos

Videos were the great marketing trend of 2018 and in 2019 they will be even more. Videos attract attention, engage audiences and generate strong reactions. In other words, videos move people. And this is the precise reason why users are keener to share this type of content and make them viral.

Videos are a great tool for companies to enhance conversion rates and increase sales.

Therefore, in 2019 it will be fundamental to keep on producing this type of content, with particular attention to the creation of vertical videos. Indeed, these are the preferred format by all those who watch and share videos via mobile, especially on Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp.

#4 Recognizable faces via influencer marketing

Who can be considered an influencer? A celebrity, an industry expert, an athlete. More and more often, these personalities become ambassadors of products, brands or companies. Through their videos, their presence at events and their social media posts, influencers increase the strength of a company making it more recognizable. Influencer marketing literally exploded in 2018 and will become even stronger in 2019.

Web marketing confirmations for 2019

In addition to the 4 trends above, in 2019 content will remain king. Current and future clients will keep on expecting companies to produce quality contents aligned with their interests. Therefore, insights and customer data will provide important guidance in understanding the ideal communication style to use in order to engage with the target audience.

Among social media networks, Instagram will remain one of the preferred and fastest growing platforms, with a strong development of Instagram Stories and IGTV. Within Facebook, Facebook Ads and shopping tags will become even more relevant. A new graphical layout will also be launched for mobile devices.

There are really many novelties in the pipeline for 2019. Are you ready to gain the most from these new opportunities with an adequate marketing plan? We can support you with a multichannel strategy, contact us for a free consultation.

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