4 secrets to successful corporate event planning

4 secrets to successful corporate event planning

Events generate on average a 25-34% return on investment and are one of the most effective communication activities for businesses like yours. Here are our golden rules.

Corporate events are a fundamental pillar within any communication strategy. They allow you to nurture your brand awareness, increase your visibility and secure customer loyalty. Even in a digital world like ours, where you can create relationships with the sole use of digital and mobile tools, it is fundamental to create opportunities to get together in person with partners, clients and employees, to celebrate important milestones and share memorable experiences.

How can you organize a successful corporate event? You just need to follow 4 simple but essential steps.

1. Define the aim of the event

It might seem like a banality, but before you start organizing an event it is fundamental to have clear objectives and aims in mind. It is important to outline a strategy and know what you want to achieve, be it either celebrating a company anniversary with 200 guests or organizing an exclusive gala evening for a selection of top partners.

2. Decide a budget

Another key step to ensure the success of your event is to define a budget. This will allow you to determine right from the beginning how much you can spend. In addition, always remember to set aside a small extra for additional expenses: this will allow you to easily deal with those unexpected costs that often arise when organizing an event.

3. Choose a convenient venue

The choice of the location for your event is another crucial factor. Don’t let yourself be mesmerized by a great venue without taking into consideration other features, such as the location and accessibility of the place itself. Choose a place within a close proximity to your workplace, convenient for your guest list and – possibly - accessible by public transport. You can decide to host your event in-house, just make sure you have clear access to the event space plenty of time in advance for set up and rehearsals.

4. Entrust the management of your event to an expert

For medium-large events, always hire an event manager. He/she will guide you through every step and decision as well as solve any issue that might arise. This will allow you to concentrate all your efforts exclusively on networking and developing your business.

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