Giving a cost estimate on Facebook? A great strategy to obtain quality contacts and increase customer loyalty.

Giving a cost estimate on Facebook? A great strategy to obtain quality contacts and increase customer loyalty.

Facebook today is not just a magical place where you can showcase all your novelties: it is an environment where you can attain quality contacts, engage them actively and increase customer loyalty, answering quickly and promptly to their needs or desires. Obtaining a cost estimate for a product or service easily and quickly could be one of these needs.

Would you like to know how to encourage your fans to request budget estimates? Do you want to understand how to provide an impeccable CRM service? Here are some tips from our Lead Generation experts and a practical case study of a company that transformed the quickness, precision and reliability of its cost estimates in a distinctive feature online, thanks to our consultancy.

PartAuto: the art of online cost estimates

PartAuto, an auto parts provider, contacted Velvet Media to increase the number of cost estimates requested by clients. We recommended a strategy based on:

  • creation of a dedicated landing page on the website;
  • ideation of a Facebook editorial plan to encourage the request of cost estimates;
  • advertisement push of the Facebook posts targeting a specific audience based on its interests and previous interactions with the page;
  • activation of a campaign to drive traffic to the dedicated landing page;
  • the attentive management of Messenger conversations to favor the use of the landing page and to provide a tailored service to prospect clients.

This strategy allowed not only to increase the number of requested cost estimates but also to improve PartAuto’s reputation as a company attentive towards its clients needs and necessities.

Useful tips by our Lead Generation experts

What can be learnt by this Lead Generation best practice? Here are a few pointers to keep in mind:

  • identify your objective and which actions you would like your fans/clients to do (e.g. request a cost estimate);
  • prepare a simple and communicative landing page to keep on nurturing the relationship with your potential clients also on the website;
  • clarify the advantages and benefits for your client to motivate the to interact with your contents;
  • always remember to include a Call To Action in every post on social media;
  • ideate an engaging and well-planned Lead Generation strategy

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