How to sell online: the advantages of having an e-commerce

How to sell online: the advantages of having an e-commerce

The beginning of the year is Sales Season. If you own a store, it is a crucial moment for you to attract customers’ attention and maximize sales.

If you own an e-commerce, you have an additional opportunity: you can organize special promotions and discounts whenever you want to.

E-commerce keeps on growing

E-commerce is a fast-growing market. With the development of new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and the Internet of Things, online sales are destined to keep on increasing strongly.

The value of the e-commerce market in Europe is estimated in 602 billion euros, with over 324 million customers who make purchases online. In 2018, there were almost 321 billion sales online for a total e-commerce revenue of over 660 billion euros (data source: Casaleggio e Associati).

E-commerce is one of the trends for 2019 that cannot be ignored. Companies need to know how to answer and respond to the requests of their clients, who want to purchase products with just a few clicks, receive their orders at home and be able to return goods easily.

Why e-commerce boosts your sales

Having an effective e-commerce allows you to be one step ahead of your competitors. Just think of these advantages:

  • You can decide when to organize reserved promotions, flash sales or special discount days;
  • Your store will remain open 24/7;
  • Geographical barriers will be erased: if your online store is translated at least in English, you can virtually cater to anyone.

What you should keep in mind to make your e-commerce user-friendly

To gain the most from owning an e-commerce, you must make sure that your online store is tailored to your clientele. Clear information, quick and safe payment methods, an attentive customer care available via phone, chat and social are crucial.

Clients often contact companies through their Facebook pages when they have issues with a product or problems completing a purchase. Therefore, you must always be available for your clients. Your brand reputation will benefit from a good customer service and it is also likely to generate positive word of mouth online.

Another key factor is speed. Products must upload quickly, pictures must be easy to view, and pages must be scrolled easily in order to enhance your online sales.

Why e-commerce is the future for Italian stores

1 Italian out of 5 shops both online and in boutiques. Millennials are the ones who prefer combining the two: 1 out of 3 habitually makes purchases in store and online. In this new competitive scenario, digital innovation can make the difference: in-store, online and social must be integrated using an omnichannel approach in order to satisfy user expectations.

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