Instagram Stories in five, simple steps

Instagram Stories in five, simple steps

A mini-guide to boost your business

Instagram Stories are a wonderful tool to engage your followers directly. 
If you think that:

  • 80% of users follow at least one brand
  • 60% hear about a new product
  • 30% of users have bought a product that they discovered thorough the app

it's easy to see the magical potential of this social media platform.
Do you want to get started on Instagram Stories to communicate your brand or company? Here are the key rules that Velvet Media experts have outlined to activate an effective social media strategy for our clients.

1. Tell a story

Good storytelling is fundamental to spark the interest of your stories and make them memorable. Narrating the founding of your company or product, giving a sneak peak of a new service or updating followers regarding the status of a project are all great examples of contents that tell a story.
A coherent content strategy is therefore fundamental to obtain the best and most effective results possible. 

2. Always include links in your Stories

If you have a verified account or if you are running a business profile and have more than 10,000 followers, you have a great opportunity to gain additional traffic for your website and thus increase your sales: inserting a “swipe up” link in the Stories.
Would you like to discover how to add a link to your Stories even if you don't have 10.000 followers? Or would you like to define and implement a strategy to make your followers grow above and beyond this objective? Velvet Media is the answers!

3. Be credible

Your followers want to know what really goes on, they don't want to see just perfect pictures and videos. To establish and strengthen a trusting relationship with your consumers, it is important to show real-life moments by sharing funny clips of business days, people manufacturing your product, or the behind the scenes footage of a video shoot.
Especially if your page has many followers, it is important to publish “live” content but it is not always possible: the assistance of an agency can be fundamental in this sense.

4. Make your Stories everlasting

The “Story Highlights” allow you to make your Stories last longer than the standard 24 hours. This tool allows you to create permanent, themed collections of Stories that allow you to tell the story of your company or brand even better.
From the behind-the-scenes making of a new product to extending the life of a recent campaign, the interests and activities that matter most to you have a home right on your profile.

5. Make questions and have polls

Instagram has recently launched some new features for the Stories, including an interactive questions sticker to help increase interactions with followers. This feature, like the polls sticker, allows companies to receive an immediate feedback regarding what people want, appreciate or dream, and it is even more effective if a page has many followers.
In addition, it is a great opportunity when a new product is launched to understand if the product is well liked by its target audience and if there are improvement areas. 

Are you curious about the opportunities of Instagram and social media for your business? Contact us immediately