On the field and on social media, Ronaldo's superstar effect is unparalleled

On the field and on social media, Ronaldo's superstar effect is unparalleled

Juventus knew that the purchase of Cristiano Ronaldo would have had an effect even outside the field of play and the response of social media is a clear indication of how much the club's own brand will be impacted by the arrival in Turin of the super

Barely 24 hours after the announcement, Juventus has already benefited from Ronaldo's influence:

  • The team's Facebook fans grew from 32 to 33 million (+1 million)
  • The Twitter followers passed from 5 to 6,16 million (+1,1 million)
  • And, on Instagram, the followers increased from 9,7 to 11,2 million (+1,5 million)

Ronaldo's did not only impact Juventus' number of followers, but also its engagement capacity on social media channels. Whereas the club on average used to clock up approx. 400,000 likes for each Instagram post, the posts regarding Ronaldo easily achieved millions of reactions from fans, reaching 3 million likes for the post regarding the final signing of the contract.

Does it end here? Not at all. Even the Juventus online store crashed due to the number of users that rushed to the website to purchase one of the Ronaldo t-shirts, which sold out after just a few hours.

The Ronaldo-Juventus deal can be considered a great example of how an influencer can impact the awareness, visibility and reputation of a brand directly and effectively, especially in the sports sector, which is a world capable of engaging and thrilling people like few others.

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