Social media marketing, new opportunities for businesses

Social media marketing, new opportunities for businesses

Social media marketing is constantly evolving. Here is a rundown of the most recent novelties that can become amazing opportunities for your business.

Google My Business, new advantages for stores and restaurants

From now on clients will be able to follow your business on the new Google My Business app and keep up to date with all the latest novelties regarding your store or restaurant. This will be possible thanks to the “follow” button that users will have access to from Android mobile devices on the app (this feature is not available yet on IOS devices).

In addition to improving the user experience for end customers who will be able to follow their favorite businesses and constantly be updated on all their events, the app is also a very useful tool for small and medium businesses. Here is why:

  • Businesses on Google My Business will be able to inform users about the opening of a new store up to three months in advance;
  • Entrepreneurs will be able to share updates and pictures with their followers;
  • If you have a Google My Business account, you can manage messages, monitor insights and gain visibility on Google Maps.

TripAdvisor, by all means a social network

TripAdvisor isn’t any longer just a community where it is possible to find hotel and restaurant reviews. It has become by all means a social network. With a system that is very similar to Facebook’s, it is possible to interact and engage with friends, influencers, brands and publishers regarding travel, tourism and food topics. Here are the main new features:

  • Each user will have access to a personalized feed where he/she will be able to see news and updates from the pages and profiles of their interest;
  • It will be even easier for members to plan their travels thanks to the “Trips” button.  Trips can be kept private for personal use or shared with the community to inspire others.

TripAdvisor is increasing its popularity day after day, so it is fundamental for businesses of the tourism and food industries to be up to date with the latest novelties and make the most of new business opportunities.

LinkedIn, the new corporate pages have arrived

Would you like to interact more with your followers through LinkedIn? The latest restyling of the corporate profiles focused specifically on content curation. The novelties regard different aspects of the Company Pages:

  • "Content Suggestions" now help you attract users’ attention and increase your visibility;
  • To increase interactions, it is now possible to share your employees’ posts on your page as well as reviews and comments regarding your company;
  • It is now easier to manage contents and comments from mobile devices thus nurturing real-time and live conversations with your audience;
  • You can now associate up to three hashtags to your LinkedIn Page, allowing people to join topics that related to your company;
  • It is also possible to share native contents such as presentations, PDF files and videos.
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