Wind and waves are always in favor of the braver sailors

Wind and waves are always in favor of the braver sailors

We wanted to tell you what we did one morning in January, when, despite the cold, the world was getting back on track, after all the binges, games and fruit cakes.

We wanted to turn calories into energy and get a jump start, with a sort of family reunion, like the one on December 25th, but without the bingo and the drunken aunt that rattles on at the end of dinner.

We started off in style, with numbers, budgets, goals and feelings. The feelings of those who spent the night in front of a computer, of those who sacrificed endless weekends over the fear that they would not make it, of whose who, in front of a wall, chose to sprint on instead of braking. So meeting was the right thing to do to tell ourselves that that wall was not so painful, and that sprinting on was worth it!

One week later, we decided to share a story with you, Velvet style.

This is the story of two cabin boys who became captains, without losing the enthusiasm that drives pirates.

The first 2017 Velvet meeting starts like this. It starts with an image of the ThousandSunny, an evolution of the GoingMerry. It starts with a truly informal boarding, with the classy jackets and the impudent dreadlocks of those guiding the crew. Only after we get on board, we realize that the ship is really crowded!

The captain looks at us, gets excited, and gets us excited!

We retrace our map, the harbours we landed on, the goals reached.

Our helmsman with his high-starched collar today wears the CEO jacket. He looks the crew in the eyes with the excitement of those who are looking for new lands and do not want to settle, because he “hates those who settle!” His speech sails on while metaphors press on and the rhetoric of “Leave well enough alone” agonize underneath the foam of the oceanic waves.

We talk about sailing, with the required technicalities. We think about the market, about our sea, made of tides that change without notice. We talk about the scenarios, because we want to be prepared. We talk about wind too, because “there is no favourable wind for a sailor without a route”. And so we chart our course. Together.

We dwell on the method. On how to sail, on the concept of crew, because, as the helmsman says, “I care about people; money is a way to reach our goals. Everything else is rigmarole”. We talk about the mistakes, about those times that... “We were stuck”. We start from there, from those anchors that we did not throw overboard, despite the difficulties.

The clock ticks away and the ship lands on the first harbour. We open the cases of Prosecco. We uncork them. The party for those that mix work and passion goes on. It goes on with the technique, with Facebook metrics, with SEO writing and Instagram hearts. But, above all, it goes on thanks to our excitement, that maps out the path for a 2017 offshore!

Just a few words of our captain, to tell you and us what is Velvet Media, “everyone has a chance of changing everything. Let’s do it!

We want to do it. Come sailing with us!

Let’s keep on rocking!