Most of your clients purchase online, did you know this?

Your physical store is not enough anymore.

In the past year, ecommerce has grown by 15%. Did you know that 42% of total searches derive from mobile devices and that 21% of these convert into sales?

The key to increasing your profits online is an easily surfable, complete and well-structured website, with simple and clear contents. We take care of and optimize every detail of your online store, from the initial market analysis to all the technical details, from designing an optimal user experience through to the ongoing maintenance of the platform itself.

With an e-commerce, you can sell your products in every part of the world and you can do business 24/7.

Before coming to your shop, users are very likely to search for your products online. In addition, you can expand your customer base even more by selling your products on Amazon’s and Ebay’s marketplaces.

Are you wondering if your products can be sold online? 99% of the times they can. Nevertheless, setting up an e-commerce is a task that requires an in-depth market and marketing analysis.

Selling online can truly revolutionize your business if you identify a clear strategy. The first step to do so is studying the dynamics of your sector and your business.

A well-designed and appealing online store
will make your customers fall in love with you


Analysis and budget estimate

Before we start creating your very own e-commerce, we need to understand who your competitors are, how your products are perceived online and which channels are the most appropriate for your brand.

This first analysis and planning stage allows to base your ecommerce strategy on solid foundations and shared objectives. In this phase, we set the length of the project and the time necessary to make transform your ecommerce into a powerful source of business.

Analysis and budget estimate
Ecommerce development and testing

Development and testing

Once we have set and agreed on a specific project for your business, we proceed with developing the platform. A team of web analysts, developers and designers choose the most appropriate CMS based on your needs: Prestashop or Magento if you need a highly personalized solution, Storeden or Shopify to cut costs while still granting great results, or platforms like WooCommerce for an amazing quality/cost ratio.

In addition, we take care of all the technical aspects to ensure you can sell online as much as possible: from translating your e-commerce into different languages to uploading all your products, from targeting your already existing clients to reaching new ones, all the way through to setting the geographical areas where your products are sold.

At last, this is also the phase in which we design a template and a characteristic look&feel for your brand, to distinguish your online store and make your products stand out even more. Graphics are an integral part of the strategy: they need to resemble your business and communicate your values at first sight.



To ensure your e-commerce is profitable it must be customized. We connect the platform to your bank accounts, set up your PayPal account and the tracking system for your deliveries, we synchronize your CMS to your online store, we update your product stock and organize the whole data flow.

Ecommerce customization


We need to keep on monitoring and updating the texts, images, labels, call to actions and all the contents regarding your products, to make sure your clients have all the necessary information to proceed with the purchase. SEO is another key element for a profitable e-commerce: we need to make sure that it is well positioned on search engines when users search for keywords and features linked to your products and that it stands out among competitors. Last but not least, we need to continually monitor the system: your online store must be uploaded on a safe, fast and expandable server based on your specific needs.

Do you already own an e-commerce but have a feeling that
it is not performing like it should?


If you are already selling your products online but you are not satisfied with the results, we can carry out a technical check-up of your store and make amends to errors regarding duplicated contents, missing texts, wrong SEO strategy, etc… All these activities allow to improve the performance of your e-commerce.

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