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3500 targeted contacts acquired in the last 18 months. These are our numbers.

To transform contacts into clients and increase your revenue, we plan an infallible business strategy. Lead generation campaigns are a win-win situation for you and for your prospects. Users receive the information they are searching for, while you reach targeted leads .


We attract users aligned with your target audience

Lead generation is an activity that aims to attract an audience of people who are aligned with your product. Therefore, it is fundamental to define carefully the target in order to activate effective and engaging lead generation campaigns. By ideating a well-planned strategy, we start collecting targeted contacts that can be gained through a sales funnel or a campaign based on the interests of the users you aim to attract.

We attract users aligned with your target audience

Few or many: what is best?

The most important factor in every lead generation campaign is the quality of the contacts, not the quantity. Additionally, more an industry is specific and specialized, more it is difficult to catch hold of the chosen audience. Therefore, the number of expected contacts varies from time to time just like the peculiarities of the campaign vary according to the sector, business and objectives.

How to generate targeted leads?

A lead that has been targeted correctly is a person who is willing to give his/her email and contact information when requested.

If someone is willing to do so, then he/she has considered valuable what you have to offer, so much so that he/she has decided to spontaneously start communicating with you. In other words, your lead has already demonstrated an interest towards your business.

How to generate targeted leads?

Lead generation is an effective, measurable and immediate tool to sustain your business


Define the aim of
your campaign

Before starting a lead generation campaign, it is important to clearly set an objective. Do you want to grow your audience? Do you want to increase your sales? Do you want to increase awareness regarding your services? The reason why you want to generate leads is the starting point for any marketing strategy.


Set your

Once you have decided the aim of your lead generation strategy, the next step is to define your audience. Behavior, consumption habits, cultural environment, passions and interests, location: these are all pieces of information that help us to identify a well-defined target.



Which tool should be used to attract leads for your business? A Facebook Ads campaign, a landing page, a LinkedIn campaign are all channels that can be activated for lead generation purposes, but each has its own rules and mechanisms. Therefore, it is important to choose the right means to get in touch with your target audience in order to avoid passing unnoticed.


Outline the content of
your message

We purposely choose words, colors, fonts, images and graphics to be aligned with your target audience. We ideate powerful calls to action and attractive lead magnets to capture users’ attention and convince them to leave you their contact information. An ebook, a discount, an exclusive content: the choice of lead magnet varies according to the aim and the audience of the campaign.

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