NeuroMarketing and the Digital World

Let's experience emotions first hand

Is your website's design stimulating? Does advertisement succeed in capturing your customer's emotions?

NeuroMarketing: with the aid Neuro Technologies (EyeTracking and Biosensors) we analyse all the sensory, cognitive and emotional aspects related to the purchasing process.

Between 75% and 90% of purchases are triggered by†decisions conditioned by an inconsequential emotional base.

Understanding what other people think and knowing what stimulates the brain is essential to persuade customers to buy.

Attention, Emotion, Behaviour

We apply NeuroMarketing to Webdesign in studying web channels, analysing and monitoring navigability and UX (User Experience), paying attention to the efficacy of colours, of Calls-to-Action and of the identification of strong Keywords to attract and retain the reader.

The answer is in your brain

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