Business Social WiFi

Social Business Wi-Fi is a powerful way to generate hundreds of new contacts and retain existing ones, using Wi-Fi and social networks. Find out more.

A new customer acquisition tool

Business Social Wi-Fi is a powerful tool to generate hundreds of new leads and retain existing customers through the Wi-Fi and social networks.

Objectives of the Business Social Wi-Fi:

This innovative system allows the user to immediately connect to the business Wi-Fi Network when he/she is near it, by social login with Facebook and other accounts, without having to enter a password: the company automatically acquires information on the connected user from his/her online profiles. The Wi-Fi allows the company to get to know their customers, their needs and their behaviours better, saving them valuable time and marketing money: the company, that knows the interests of its target, will only send relevant communications and the prospective customer will not receive any junk mail, but rather tailored news and promotions.

Functions of the Business Social Wi-Fi:

In crowded public places, such as malls, public Social Wi-Fi is the best way to generate hundreds of leads for the company and increase brand awareness. The free service for the end user improves the brand image and increases the user engagement; it allows you to get to know your customers, their needs and their behaviour better, to create real-time marketing and loyalty campaigns, creating positive word of mouth advertising.

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Take advantage of the power of social network and Wi-Fi to acquire new customers and retain existing ones.
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