Strategic consultancy

Want to broaden your business abroad?

Thanks to a coordinate strategy you can obtain tangible results from your investments.

You need to implement a multichannel approach and define every detail to make your brand a success abroad.

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Integrated marketing communications

We define integrated marketing strategies based on a multichannel approach

We identify the main trends in every industry to delineate marketing plans capable of positively impacting your business and establish valuable relationships with consumers, influencers, employees and stakeholders.

We define integrated marketing strategies based on a 360° omnichannel approach to narrate brands, companies and products, using the most innovative tools and the most advanced technologies.

We constantly monitor projects by attentively analyzing campaigns and activities, to boost sales and help you achieve results.

What sets us apart? We are one of the few agencies in Italy able to provide a comprehensive range of marketing services thanks to its different in-house departments.

Product launches

We have established a proven process to launch new products on the market

The success or failure of a product depends largely on how it is positioned on the market. Get it wrong and even the greatest product can go unnoticed and be forgotten quickly.

To achieve success, you need a well-planned, strategically sound and innovative product launch plan and a team of experts that can guide you every step of the way.

To make sure we take care of every single aspect, we have established a proven launching process that covers three steps:

  1. 1. Pre-launch, including an analysis of the buyer personas, strategic marketing planning, definition of brand architectures and associated narratives, UX design, design of packaging and print materials, definition of KPIs and – when applicable - international market adaption;
  2. Launch, including website development, content production, SEO and display advertising, in-store events and activations, social media campaigns;
  3. Post launch, including continual monitoring and fine-tuning of the conversion funnel to drive sales, social media management, lead generation, email marketing, SEO, training and events.
Brand marketing

We create a unique and distinctive brand identity to set you apart

Branding is much more than a cool logo or a well-designed product packaging. It is all about the overall experience and perception of your business and is a crucial aspect to distinguish your product on the market, strengthen stakeholder relationships and increase customer loyalty.

To create brands that stand out, endure and are more successful we start by defining their purpose: among a myriad of different products and services, a strong and relatable purpose is something that can really motivate consumers and drive sales by delivering value to people and the world.

Once we have defined the brand’s purpose and value, we bring to life its identity on different platforms and by using the latest technology while making sure it remains consistent in communication and experience across:

  • All print materials, including packaging and leaflets;
  • Online and offline advertising campaigns;
  • Social and owned media contents;
  • Environment, including store front or office
International marketing strategies

We implement the best strategy to bring your business abroad

In a connected world, digital media provides new opportunities for a brand to grow and expand in new markets. Nevertheless, marketing a product internationally is much more than simply bringing the same approach and the same media strategy abroad.

Thanks to its extensive experience and multicultural background, our dedicated International Development team is able to assist businesses that want to enter foreign and global markets.

We start off by conducting research to identify market challenges and understand the local culture, the regional trends, the regulatory nuances, the most relevant platforms and the way in which your audiences behave. We then proceed in developing a marketing plan that is grounded in these insights and that can meet the company’s objectives. At last, we execute the planned activities by delivering locally relevant marketing campaigns.

What sets us aside from other agencies?

  • We have branches in America (Denver – USA), Middle East (Dubai – UAE) and Asia (Bangkok – Thailand).
  • Our headquarters are a melting pot of different cultures: our staff are from 16 different countries of origin.
  • We are a member of Worldwide Partners, one of the largest marketing agency networks with 66 members in 40 countries.

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