Want to beat your competitors on Google?

Every month, more than 100 million searches are carried out on Google. 81% of users search for a product before purchasing it. And you are still wondering why you should have a responsive and SEO optimized website?

Making sure you can be found easily on Google and overstepping your competitors is key. Being the first to answer users’ questions or needs is the only thing that counts. Optimize your website for Google search and establish the keywords that are relevant for your business.

How might your site stand out in the Google and search engine jungle? To do that, the right site is required. We design and build the site that fits your needs and reflects you and your business. Our websites are created to give you high visibility on search engines and convert searchers into traffic on your site, so as to ultimately increase your customer base.

Your website is your first and most important business card. It is your opportunity to highlight your brand and promote your business 24/7.

Before coming to you directly your potential customers gather information about your business by looking for your website. This is why your site must be perfectly designed and optimised down to the smallest detail.

Web design is a process in which strategy, engineering, design, content and testing all come into play and. We ideate one-page websites, corporate websites, e-commerce platforms and landing pages tailored for your business.
We make sure your clients can find you easily on search engines by optimizing your website and improving your positioning within SERPs.

Optimizing a website means providing accessible contents to search engines in order to easily catalogue and rank web pages. This process has one, unique objective: providing useful results to fulfill user searches and needs.

A well-defined and optimized structure, a coherent storytelling and an impeccable user experience. These are the key elements we provide to create your very own website.


Solid structure

Navigation trees, menus, and footers, all are important for indexing on search engines. The SEO ranking also applies to the structure of your website. In this respect, the use, together with an impeccable code structure, of an on-site SEO strategy is fundamental for correcting errors in duplicate content, for semantic review and for performance optimization. This activity is essential; it is the pillar on which the SEO copywriting strategy will be built.


Seo copywriting

Strategic keywords, targeted at the needs of searchers and in line with your business improve the positioning of your website on Google. Search engines reward quality content that meets the information needs of customers. Creation of ad hoc text and keywords chosen on the basis of traffic volume and competition, when enhanced with the good content, underlies the improvement in the positioning of your site.

We provide you with the best SEO & SEM strategies

Having created a website precisely targeted at the final user and which employs the best search engine optimization strategy, the effectiveness of your website will next be amplified through web marketing activities that focus on the keywords related to your business.

If SEO strategies are aimed at making the experience of your prospective customer unique and positive, then correct SEM (Search Engine Marketing) techniques are in turn decisive to making you stand out among paid search engine campaigns.

SEA, (Search Engine Advertising), is aimed at finding the best possible positioning on search engines, no less than the first page of Google results, using paid ads and pay per click campaigns. These areas of visibility allow you to highlight your website, your products, and select specific keywords.


Shopping ads

This type of listing is the most effective for those who have an e-commerce channel. We will make your products visible directly on the search engine page, before the textual results, right at the top of the results.


Local ads

If your business is linked to a specific locality (this is more often the case for activities such as pizzerias, hairdressers, garages etc.), we will make your business stand out when the user performs a search relevant to your sector and who is looking for businesses similar to yours in your location.


Display ads

Thanks to this strategy, your video can be visible on Google partner sites. In addition to the keyword, you can choose the sites in which the ads appear based on the category of content displayed or the interests of the users browsing the site.


Search Ads

This is the type of ad most used. In order for these ads to be effective for your business, the correct keywords need to be selected. Your sponsored ad will then appear before the organic results returned by the search engine, being more readily available to the user.

For your local business, we leverage on the power of Google My Business

It is one of the tools that is most effective in providing you with tangible results. Do you own a local business but are not exploiting the potential of Google My Business? It is one of the main tools that can bring you solid results. Google My Business allows makes your business appear on Google and on Google Maps when users are looking for you or activities similar to yours. Among other things, GMB displays the opening hours, phone number and directions of hot to get to your business but above all allows you to share news and offers.

Esplora i case studies

Borinato Security
Borinato Security

A new coordinated image to position the company as a point of reference in its industry.


Reinforce the positioning of the company as a leader in the steel industry.

The Goldoni Theatre - Teatro Stabile del Veneto
The Goldoni Theatre - Teatro Stabile del Veneto

Online ADV campaigns and events to promote the plays

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