Millenium Dance Academy

Acquire new members through a Lead Generation campaign

Ballet School

Target: Dance lovers, people interested in Yoga, Pilates and physical activity in general

The challenge

  • Acquire new members during the "open-week" for the beginning of the new season and courses;
  • Increase the engagement of the target audience (comments, shares, messages on the page, leads);
  • Improve customer service to secure a higher level of customer loyalty.

The Social Media Strategy

Velvet Media suggested:

  • A graphic revision of the Facebook page;
  • Creation of an editorial plan for Facebook to encourage the request of information;
  • Promotion of Facebook posts towards a well-defined audience based on previous interests and interactions with the page;
  • Activation of 8 campaigns aimed at generating new subscriptions to the courses.
Millenium Dance Academy
Millenium Dance Academy

The results

  • 100 leads in 9 days of campaign.
  • Improvement of the brand reputation as a school that organizes different types of courses.

Professionals involved

  • Social media manager
  • Graphic designer