Mu Gelaterie

Boost the franchising through instant marketing activities and the creation of a mascot.

An ice cream shop where customers can create their own customized bowl of artisanal ice cream.

Target: People interested in opening franchising (B2B) and end consumers (B2C).

The challenge

  • B2C: nurture customer engagement and bring the brand closer to their hearts
  • B2B: help to develop the franchising in the North-West of Italy
  • BRANDING: enhance the brand identity by implementing a tailored communication strategy

The Social Media Strategy

Velvet Media proposed and implemented a social media strategy based on three key elements:

1. The mascotte

To strengthen the brand identity, a mascot was created: Mucca MU is the main protagonist of all communication activities.

MU is an engaging, innovative and funny ambassador of the brand’s key messages:

  • Quality of ingredients;
  • Genuine craftsmanship with the use of natural ingredients;
  • Possibility to customize the ice cream as you like it;
  • “Healthy” & “Tasty”.
Mu Gelaterie

2. Instant marketing

We leveraged on current topics and online conversations to make our communication activities even more powerful and captivating. Thanks to a constant monitoring, we embraced social media and society trends with dedicated Facebook posts: MU became the protagonist of all the most shared events on social media, from the release of the film IT to the Academy Awards.

Mu Gelaterie
Mu Gelaterie

The Strategy

Numbers-based campaign

To attract the attention of potential franchisees, we emphasized the rational reasons to join MU - Artisanal Ice Cream Shop, with clear numbers and data: the number of shops, the number of affiliates and the number of cities.

In addition, by using the dedicated hashtag #ricominciodaMU (aka A new beginning with MU) and a formal/rational tone of voice, we emphasized the key messages:

  • Benefits
  • Economy
  • Franchising
  • Success
  • Craftsmanship
  • Quality

Furthermore, a landing page, a video and an interactive canvas were also created to promote B2B messages on all available platforms.

Mu Gelaterie

The results


  • 10% increase from the initial fanbase
  • 250+ interactions for each post
  • 6.000 interactions on the top post
  • Each post reached an average of 41.600 people (with an average cost per interaction of 0,02€)


  • 125 users interested in opening an ice cream shop

Professionals Involved

  • Social media manager
  • Graphic designer
  • Web designer