Official reopening event of an urban renewal project

Two days of culinary journey to discover 80 local food and wine excellences

Target: producers, families, local communities

The challenge

  • Inform potential exhibitors and increase the number of participants at the event
  • Inform and attract visitors
  • Communicate the re-opening of the former Pagnossin area

The Communication Strategy:

Velvet Media proposed an integrated communication strategy with a dual objective: to emphasize the value and scope of the urban regeneration project and communicate the official reopening event of the former Pagnossin area. The strategy included:

  • press activities to inform the most important national and local newspaper
  • development of a coordinated graphical image
  • planning and directing the event
  • coordination of the photographer and video maker
  • management of the setting up of the venue
  • management of the social media channels (Facebook and Instagram)
  • management of the on-site registration for events

The results

  • 3000+ participants at the event.
  • Page-long articles on local newspapers, including a front page, and a TV service on RAI 3 Veneto
  • 869 additional fans of the Facebook page in less than 3 months (starting from a fanbase of 200), with an average 22% monthly growth
  • 2.335 anwers to the Facebook event

Professionals Involved

  • Communication manager
  • Event manager
  • Social media manager
  • Graphic designer
  • Photographer